[FFmpeg-devel] VC-1 Encoder Sponsorship

jsbs jsbs
Mon Aug 6 22:06:18 CEST 2007


I am working on a Video Portal project. We would like to make our solution completely open source. We will be using FFmpeg for FLV / MP4 transcoding. We will soon have to decide which software we will be using for WMV transcoding. 

VC-1 decoding is not fully supported in FFmpeg but many features are already supported and Kostya is still working on the decoder to add support for other features. 

There is however at this time no support for VC-1 encoding in FFmpeg. As you probably know Denis Fortin has been working on a VC-1 encoder. 

I have recently contacted both Denis and Kostya regarding the further development of the VC-1 encoder. Denis will be able to continue to work on the encoder but he has limited time. Kostya is willing to help Denis on the encoder but he also has limited time (and he is also working on interlacing support for the VC-1 decoder). 

We may be willing to give sponsoring money to the FFmpeg team for the further development of the VC-1 encoder. 

Are there other developers willing / able to help Denis and Kostya for the further development of the VC-1 encoder so that a first version could be released by the end of this year? Which features do you think could be included in this first version? 

With kind regards,

Jean Sassi

jsbs at xs4all.nl

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