[FFmpeg-devel] unrecognized option '-dv1394'

Jay Thompson jay
Tue Aug 7 03:59:15 CEST 2007

Hi everyone... I see this is the development list so I hope this noob  
question is not out of place. I would really like to grab directly  
from my dv camcorder and, as I understand it, this should be  
achievable. I built ffmpeg-checkout-2007-08-04 on Ububtu Studio and  
thought I had done this correctly. whenever I try '$ ffmpeg - 
dv1394 ...' (in the many ways I found suggested on the net) I get  
'ffmpeg: unrecognized option -dv1394' returned. What I am trying to  
do is to grab from my camera with ffmpeg and output to yuv4mpeg so I  
can access the the video feed in gephex and others. As I said, I  
thought I had built it correctly to use dv1394 but don't know enough  
to know if I really did. Perhaps the way I'm trying to access the  
camera is incorrect. I appreciate any advice that can be offered.


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