[FFmpeg-devel] FLV seek bug persists with mplayer EDL

Nico Sabbi nicola_sabbi
Tue Aug 7 09:50:57 CEST 2007

Linux User wrote:
> Not quite sure if this is an ffmpeg FFFLV bug, a mplayer EDL bug, or
> perhaps both.  I found the FLV seek/cut bug thread in the July 2007
> archives, so I'm posting this as a follow up...
> Seeking (with the arrow keys and/or page up/down) in FLV files with
> mplayer seems to work unless using EDL.  Seeking prior to the first
> EDL skip appears to work as expected; however after the first EDL skip
> actual playback speed is ~75x.  This occurs whether the file begins
> with an EDL skip or if the skip is later in the file.
> Pressing backspace reports speed 1x (in the mplayer osd); however
> actual playback speed remains unchanged.
> Pressing [, {, ], or } reports the correct incremented/decremented
> rate; however the video playback seems to remain unaffected, whereas
> the audio rate seems to be adjusted properly.
> Seeking after the first EDL skip (once the playback speed has
> increased to ~75x) has been typically observed to have no (noticeable)
> effect; however occasionally while seeking backwards, normal playback
> speed is restored.
> This problem has been observed (universally) on multiple FLV files
> from multiple sites.

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