[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Replace ENOSYS by ENOTSUP

Ramiro Ribeiro Polla ramiro
Wed Aug 8 14:36:06 CEST 2007

>>> To avoid error number clashes, -MKTAG could be used with 4 letters 
>>> that 
>>> indicate the error. It is very unlikely that an error on any system 
>>> has 
>>> such a number. Attached patch is an example for this.
>> iam ok with the -MKTAG idea
> While I'm not agains using 4CCs in general (BeOS uses 'what' code 
> often), the idea behind redefining AVERROR_* was to have a single error 
> namespace, this breaks it.

But there is no error that has this meaning (patches welcome). Just look 
at what's currently there on avcodec.h. Some POSIX errors don't make 
much sense where they're used, for the lack of a better error. So I 
proposed to add this error to disambiguate the meaning of ENOTSUP (and 
as a + make MinGW compile again).

> Besides, are you really sure no system uses this already ?

I suggested, and expect to hear from people on the list that have vastly 
more experience than me with non-linux/windows systems.

Ramiro Polla

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