[FFmpeg-devel] [DOC] FFSERVER Configuration Files.

Nicolas George nicolas.george
Thu Aug 9 01:07:55 CEST 2007

Le primidi 21 thermidor, an CCXV, Piero Bugoni a ?crit?:
> I understand bitrate is content dependent. The fixed "Q" values give an
> indication of where to start. I had run tests with a video that I figured
> changed enough, frame to frame. However, I suppose encoding a video of
> white noise might give some indication of bitrate range.
> So a range can be set down to the minimum viewing quality. 
> I'll test some of this.

Maybe it would be a good idea to leave out the bitrate-related options
completely, and leave ffmpeg use its defaults. I mean: the hard part with
ffserver is to find a combination of codec/format/protocol that can be
streamed, and a command line to produce it. Tweaking the bitrate options to
suit one's needs is a completely different problem, that is relevant also
when producing plain files.


  Nicolas George
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