[FFmpeg-devel] Watermark on videos using FFMPEG win32 Builds

JonY 10walls
Sat Aug 11 14:00:11 CEST 2007

Muhammad Irfan wrote:
> Hi i am using ffmpeg on our project and now i want to embed watermarking
> feature in it. i use FFMPEG win 32 Builds as i am using it in windows
> application programming. can any one provide me suitable command for
> watermarking thumbnail on video. or how to build watermark.c in suitable dll
> in order to use it with -vhook command.


I will assume you are using mingw to build ffmpeg.

First of all you need the Windows version of libdl, found here:


After installing it, you should configure ffmpeg with '--enable-vhook 
--disable-static --enable-shared' and rebuild it.

FFmpeg will then be built with the watermark dll.

Hope that helps.

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