[FFmpeg-devel] Dirac Golomb decoder [PATCH]

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger
Tue Aug 14 18:14:40 CEST 2007

On Tue, Aug 14, 2007 at 05:41:18PM +0200, Marco Gerards wrote:
> Reimar D?ffinger <Reimar.Doeffinger at stud.uni-karlsruhe.de> writes:
> > I personally don't think you should add them to golomb.h either, simply
> > because if everyone added a copyright for contributions this size we
> > would have a really long, long list in most files.
> > Who wrote that code will still be recorded in the SVN log after all.
> The reason why I added this is because IIRC it is required by the
> (L)GPL.  IIRC for most GNU projects, such copyright notice is
> (legally) required when you add more than about 7 lines.  I used this
> rule of thumb here as well, not knowing how FFmpeg developers deal
> with this.

The fixed only rule is to add name and obfuscated email address of the
patch author to commit messages.
Copyright notices in the files are usually only added for new files and
when a huge portion of a files is changed/added.

> Should I send in a new patch?  In that case, what would you like me to
> remove?

If you are fine with it (as I understand it you are) the same without
copyright chunks (it's the first patch chunk for each file I think).
But I think you can wait with resending until someone comments on the
actual code (I think I'm not really qualified for that).

Reimar D?ffinger

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