[FFmpeg-devel] E-AC3

gwondaleya at free.fr gwondaleya
Tue Aug 21 12:44:39 CEST 2007

Hi all,

Sorry for cluttering up the mailing list, but i have seen today (21 August) on
Doom9 forums that kurtnoise13 already compiled ffmpeg and mplayer with the E-AC3
decoder from the GSoC.
Did this mean that the current SVN revision of ffmpeg/mplayer already include an
E-AC3 decoder ? (not seen in the comment nor in the source on the SVN any E-aC3
related text...)
Or does it mean that the code is available elsewhere, as patch?
This question is because the compile from kurtnoise13 is windows....and i am
under linux... and i envision to buy HD or BD reader and medias....

J. Collet

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