[FFmpeg-devel] New Java wrapper for ffmpeg libraries using JNA

Brent Baccala cosine
Wed Aug 22 21:24:35 CEST 2007

On Wed, 22 Aug 2007, Ken Larson wrote:

> I thought you might be interested to know I've wrapped ffmpeg so that it
> can be called from Java using JNA.

Nice.  I started work on something similar.

> This is a subproject of FMJ, and is called ffmpeg-java.  It has no
> JMF/FMJ dependencies itself, it is just a wrapper.  It has its own
> release under the FMJ downloads, and is in FMJ's CVS tree under
> ffmpeg-java.
> Included in the project a Java version of avcodec_sample.0.4.9.cpp,  a
> sample program which extracts the first 5 frames of a movie.
> I have also created a JMF demultiplexer in the FMJ project, so that
> ffmpeg can be used to parse and decode .mov and .avi files, for example.

Is the source to this in the CVS tree?  I don't see it in the download.

I'm interested to know how you linked the ffmpeg file handling scheme
in with JMF's buffering approach.


 					Brent Baccala
 					cosine at freesoft.org

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