[FFmpeg-devel] Big companies taking advantage of ffmpeg developers

Piero Bugoni ffmpeg.devel
Thu Aug 23 19:33:28 CEST 2007

> There are many good reasons to do this, (beyond the financial ones):
> 1) It will serve to strengthen the Open-Source movement.
> 2) Overall software quality improvement.
> 3) The "Right Thing To Do."
> 4) New Law:

(I sent this message before it was finished)....

As for 4) above, In America, court cases determine "Common Law." This means
that if there is not already existing law regarding something, a court case can
create it, or if there is such law in place, a court case can modify, or
nullify that law.

Since Open-Source, GPL, and LGPL are all relatively new, it is worth it for
people to "get in on the ground floor" so to speak, and be pro-active about
creating such law.


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