[FFmpeg-devel] [DOC] FFSERVER Configuration Files.

Piero Bugoni ffmpeg.devel
Fri Aug 24 15:56:39 CEST 2007

> > That being said, pick one file you reject, edit it to your liking, post it
> with
> > the appropriate command line, and I'll put it to work.
> just remove the VideoQMin/Max
> and add VideoBitRateRange 0-<something _larger_ than the VideoBitRate>

There is no option mentioned in the documentation for "VideoBitRateRange".

If no "VideoQMin/Max" settings are mentioned will the Q vary automatically up
to the limit allowed for the bitrate? Or, Between .1 and 31, or something like

As I have said before, 
1) No image with a "Q" more than 12 did I consider worthwhile for anything.
2) Security camera applications mean that a face must be recognizable.

I usually never use a "Q" more than 3 to 5.

I do not know if it will work if no "VideoQMin/Max" settings are mentioned in
the conf file.


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