[FFmpeg-devel] Betreff: ipod Baseline Low-Complexity Profile

Tobias Brockamp tobiasbrockamp
Thu Aug 30 19:37:59 CEST 2007

Hi all,

im trying to encode videos for the iPod in 640x480 resolution which  
should use "Baseline Low-Complexity Profile"
as described in the iPod specs.

I found this tutorial by Robert Swain:


I've read in the mailinglist-archive about a libavformat hack by  
Tyler Loch, which automatically sets the uuid.
Is there an official ffmpeg-build which sets the tag autmatically  
f.e. with an option like
"-f ipod"?

What do you think about the other know Tools for setting the uuid  
(NicMP4Box Hack, AtomicParsley)? Which
way does ffmpegX, isquint use, anybody an idea?


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