[FFmpeg-devel] PAFF: Call for sample files

Jeff Downs heydowns
Fri Aug 31 02:12:30 CEST 2007

Hello everyone,

I am working to implement PAFF in lavc.

If you find yourself wishing ffmpeg supported PAFF, then you may help in 
this effort by providing sample files. I am particularly looking for 
samples that contain any of the following PAFF-related "features":

1. Contain PAFF coded fields mixed with coded frames (with and without
    MBAFF) in the same sequence.
2. Have reference picture list reordering.
3. Have coded frames using long (length) reference lists and long (the
    marking type) reference markings.
4. Have PAFF field pairs where bottom fields come first.
5. Have PAFF coded B fields.

If you should be in possession of such samples, please contact me 
privately with a URL from which I can download.  A description of the 
above "features" used in your sample is helpful, but not necessary.

Please do not upload to ffmpeg FTP (unless an ffmpeg dev says its ok).

Also, please be sure that your sample:

1. Is in a container ffmpeg currently supports or is raw h264.
2. Is not damaged or non-compliant (run through reference decoder or 
at least another PAFF-implementing decoder).

Thank you!


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