[FFmpeg-devel] snow codec development

Johannes Schauer J.Schauer
Tue Aug 28 10:07:18 CEST 2007


I just tried out the snow codec and was really impressed!
since I recommend everybody using the theora codec because it's the only 
patent free codec I know of I was often accused that I recommend a codec 
that is technically behind others such as x264 for example - and they 
are right!
so we need something better than theora for a free video distribution 
around the globe and out of my first impressions I think the snow codec 
really is better then theora if you compare the quality per bitrate. it 
may be my imagination but I think I can see a real difference! Am I 
wrong? Please educate me! :-)

So if this is really the case and snow is so much better than any other 
patent free open source codec out there, then I'm asking you:

How can I help? How can anybody help?

I'm just a web developer with only little experience in C - wrote some 
gtk apps but nothing more. But I'm sure that also people like me can 
help that snow can get mature!

You should not only explain this to me and others in the list but also 
write it down on the ffmpeg frontpage http://ffmpeg.mplayerhq.hu/
There I would also put a quick demonstration what snow can do and maybe 
an explanation how it works. All my current knowledge about snow I have 
from wikipedia but I think this is not enough to educate people why we 
need codecs as snow!

Advertise the codec and get people to know how important your work is!
And tell them what they can do to help - right on the frontpage!

best regards

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