[FFmpeg-devel] Autodetecting support for "PRId64"

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Mon Dec 3 11:54:11 CET 2007

On Mon, Dec 03, 2007 at 11:16:28AM +0100, carlo.bramix wrote:
> My name is Carlo Bramini and I'm an italian coder.

and my name is michael and iam a c coder

> Nice to meet you.
> I tried to compile ffmpeg for working under AROS (see http://aros.sourceforge.net for more details) but I had some initial troubles.
> The problem was caused by the unrecognized "PRId64" escape from my GCC.
> Actually I solved it by adding this line:
> -DPRIx64=\"%llx\" -DPRId64=\"%lld\" -DPRIu64=\"%llu\" -DPRIdFAST16=\"%hd\" -DPRIdFAST32=\"%ld\"
> to OPTFLAGS into generated config.mak.
> I also discovered that it could also be done by adding them with "--extra-cflags" to configure script.
> However, my suggestion for the future would be a simple, quick test at configure time for adding this line automatically.
> It would be nice that configure will do a:
> "checking /"PRId64/" support..."
> and if it isn't detected it will add the fix.
> I understand that it can be fixed manually as I did, but afterall the computer has been made for working instead the man, so why not doing it?

because its YOUR system that is the problem not ffmpeg, its not ffmpegs
job to fix your system, or to say it differently its not everys
applications job to workaround broken systems
PRId64 is part of the c standard, if its missing then you cannot expect to
be able to compile c programs

so instead of telling us to make ffmpeg guess missing standard #defines
and i would like to emphasize GUESS because it really could be anything theres
no need for it to be llx/llu/...

you really should rather tell this to the maintainer of the standard header
from your system in which these PRI?64 stuff is supposed to be


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