[FFmpeg-devel] Bug - MP3 Issues

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Wed Dec 5 00:25:49 CET 2007

On Tue, Dec 04, 2007 at 03:49:02PM -0600, Brian Brice wrote:
> * MP3 audio demuxed from AVI:
>    Generally, MP3 audio demuxed from AVI works pretty well.  Everything
>    decodes perfectly.  The big issue here are PTS values.  Often times
>    the PTS values are skewed slightly, but that value grows as simple
>    reading is done.  Here is some sample output:
>        audio current_pts=6320 next=6636
>        audio current_pts=6636 next=6952
>        audio current_pts=6892 next=7208 *
>        audio current_pts=7149 next=7465 *
>        audio current_pts=7465 next=7781
>        audio current_pts=7812 next=8128 *
>        audio current_pts=8159 next=8475
>    The asterisked lines are ones where the current_pts didn't match the
>    previously calculated next PTS (packet.pts + packet.duration).  These
>    inaccuracies in the PTS values causes problems when you're relying on
>    them to be accurate, especially in sequential reading. :-(  The clip
>    that generates these PTS values is here:
>        http://heapify.org/static/ffmpeg/d0pe-hairspraycam-sample.avi

ive not looked at the sample but i fear that you simply will have to accept
that many avi files are plain broken
try to remux it with -acodec copy i suspect that will fix it
avidec.c and also try AVSTREAM_PARSE_NONE
if NONE doesnt work then the AVI is broken like 99.9% avi files with mp3


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