[FFmpeg-devel] Building ffmpeg (or modified ffmpeg) on Windows using VC++

Le Hong Dang dangle.vn
Sun Dec 9 04:44:15 CET 2007

Hi everybody,
This is really a great news for me while I'm struggling with ffmpeg on Windows and MSVC
Could anyone out there please give me a copy of this work?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,
Dang, Le Hong

    Dear maintainer:
    I've build a MSVC version h.264 decoder using ffmpeg'code for my own
    learning interest. I've just made some trivial revisions for the
    compatibility with the new compiler,and use the avcodec.dll compiled
    by MinGW+gcc to acquire the full decode efficiency of the gcc style
    SIMD intrinsic assembly code. Anyway, if you comment the macro
    "HAVE_MMX", you can get a totally MSVC version of the ffmpeg h264
    decoder that doesn't need the avcodec.dll anymore.
    What's the interest of doing that while we already have the MinGW
    version ? I think it's more attractive to a low-level programmer
    like me to use a more convenient IDE to read the code. Frankly
    speaking, I was totally frustrated by the DDD debugger, and hated to
    add printf every well. Using my project, you can even debug the gcc
    style intrinsic assembly code under the MSVC IDE--just at
    disassembly state. Is it interesting?
    Would this work do some help to anyone else? And if you do think so,
    how can I commit it?
    Anybody else is welcomed to discuss this issue with me, I would be
    very happy if some one asked me for the code.
    Best regards!

    Yongbing chen
    At Wuhan university china
    simon_st.john at 163.com

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