[FFmpeg-devel] Enable two-pass encoding programatically

Mikael Hakman mhakman
Sun Dec 16 12:49:14 CET 2007

I'm very sorry. It would seem that this is a very simple question with a 
very simple and immediate answer. How hard can it be for a programmer to 
tell another programmer what flags/values to set in code in order to enable 
a particular feature in the library? I also assumed that the answer is very 
well known to many members of this forum - two-pass encoding is hardly a new 
feature. Therefore, seeing a lot of traffic on ffmpeg-user but not getting 
that simple answer, I assumed that ffmpeg-user was inappropriate forum to 
ask a programming question and therefore I submitted my question here. 
Perhaps I was wrong. Do you know a better forum to ask?


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"Mikael Hakman" <mhakman at dkab.net> writes:

> Hello,
> I asked this question on [FFmpeg-user] list but did not receive any 
> answers.
> Well, I'll try here.

Bad move.  Not getting an (immediate) answer on ffmpeg-user, does not
make your question on-topic here.

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