[FFmpeg-devel] LGPL AC3 decoder

Thulasidhar J.K. Thulasidhar.Kosalram
Mon Dec 17 05:52:58 CET 2007


I could see that an LGPL AC3 decoder being made available with ffmpeg.



But I downloaded the latest SVN checkout (2007-12-16) and did

The ac3 decoder was not listed in the list of enabled decoders. 

Also when I see the ac3 decoder code (ac3_decoder.c), the header reads
as GPL licensed.

But when I do "./configure. --enable-gpl", it prints that ac3 decoder is

Does this mean that the native decoder in ffmpeg is released under GPL
and not LGPL, 

and if I want to use it (not the liba52 one) the ffmpeg license I'll be
using is GPL?


Thanks in advance.


PS: Sorry if this is wrong forum to post this query


Warm regards,

Thulasidhar J.K 


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