[FFmpeg-devel] [ffmpeg-devel] issue with decoding h.264 video from tandberg encoder

Jeff Downs heydowns
Mon Dec 17 21:01:20 CET 2007


On Mon, 17 Dec 2007, Ivan Ng wrote:

> Hello,
> Interestingly, I had no problems with the decoding for quite a lot of 
> H.264 video (as in no artifacts or jitter in the displayed video) even 
> when the message
> [h264 @ 0x844a910]Interlaced pictures + spatial direct mode is not implemented

Yes. I have such samples as well.

> was reported. But with the H.264 video from the Tandberg encoder, the 
> decoded video was crappy. So I am wondering what's the difference 
> between those interlaced video. Did you see the artifacts and jitter in 
> the video when you play them back?

I am guessing it is more agressive use of this (unimplemented) area of 

> Sorry for my reposting. I would want to be more patient, but the 
> deadline for my project delivery is around the corner. If this cannot be 
> resolved in libavcodec in the short term, I would need to turn to 
> something else. I don't mind paying money as long I can get those H.264 
> video from the Tandberg encoder decoded properly in order to save my ass :-)

I would not expect this to be implemented anytime soon. People have been 
asking about it for months, but no one is working on it as far as I know.

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