[FFmpeg-devel] libossupport status

Måns Rullgård mans
Wed Dec 26 15:34:17 CET 2007

"Fran?ois Revol" <revol at free.fr> writes:

>> > BTW, where can I find more info about the Linux bug you are
>> > citing? I've never heared anything about it (and I often use
>> > select() in my programs)... Is it limited to some particular
>> > kernel/libc versions?
>> It affects UDP only and it's a WONTFIX because the Linux developers
>> are assholes who don't care that they introduced a DoS bug through
>> their nonconformance when fixing it would negate their meaningless
>> 0.1% contrived-benchmark gains.
> And you talk about others as "broken" ?
> How many times was I replied to "just fix your OS"...
> Sorry but I'm just ROTFL.

We all laugh at Rich.  When you're done laughing, perhaps you'd like
to fix your OS.

>> > I see that there are different opinions about this include... I
>> > posted a version of the patch which uses "#include "os_support.h"",
>> > and a version that does not require it. Let's see how the
>> > discussion evolves...
>> Whatever header crap is needed from ossupport, it can be in the
>> replacement headers ossupport supplies for broken operating systems.
>> There's no need for "os_support.h"
> As long as it doesn't break the BeOS build

The intent is to not break anything that is currently working.

> and I can finally put in the required fixes I'm ok with moving all
> off that one.

Who said anything about that?  The "required fixes" are to your OS,
nowhere else.

> Btw there is still a setmode() call somewhere which is totally non 

Patches welcome.

M?ns Rullg?rd
mans at mansr.com

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