[FFmpeg-devel] cuda multiple video streams

Anatoliy nenashev_as
Fri Dec 28 13:45:03 CET 2007

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> I do not think that adding cuda support via DSPContext will work out very
> well. The reason is that these functions are all working on small amounts
> of data at a time ...
In my case there is a problem for running multiple video streams on one 
host. May be 10, 20 or more streams. The all reason for using CUDA is to 
displace mostly hard encoding and decoding work from CPU to GPU. So user 
can run other programs with satisfying results. Thats why time 
minimization for one stream with CUDA support is not a target for this 
design. Did anyone tested current ffmpeg en(de)coder for multiple video 

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