[FFmpeg-devel] how do I fix streaming media pausing while waiting for input?

Ronald S. Bultje rsbultje
Fri Dec 28 19:07:11 CET 2007


$attached does something required for RDT. The default mode for ffplay is to
pause while calling av_find_streaminfo(), and starting media playback after
that. The problem is that this sets data transfer in RTSP to paused (i.e. we
send a "pause" to the server), meaning that we don't actually grab any data
in av_find_streaminfo(), i.e. it loops endlessly and fails. The quick
solution is to not pause (see patch), but that's obviously not right. What's
the right solution?

- call av_rtsp_play() in av_find_stream_info() when we read data and
av_rtsp_pause() when we're done?
- not pause in ffplay when it's rtsp?
- something else?

(This is to get crap out of my RDT patch so I can submit a clean version.)

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