[Ffmpeg-devel] cross compiling ffmpeg

Marc Hoffman mmh
Sun Feb 4 04:12:38 CET 2007

I recently tried to compile ffmpeg for a target who is different from  
the host.  Every thing seems to be ok if the host os is the same as  
the target os.  However I'm trying to compile on a MACOSX box to a  
linux box and because of the way the configuration script picks up  
the target details with uname prior to examination of the command  
line switches its not possible with out modifying the configuration  
script to configure for the target.

Would someone like to spend sometime off line with me to try and  
reconcile this issue?

There are a few specifics to the particular target I've selected but  
to give an idea of what I'm thinking here is the basic idea.  Any  
help would be greatly appreciated.  thanks marc

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