[Ffmpeg-devel] regarding old post: int_fast16 isn't universal it seems

Shane Brennan colkassad
Mon Feb 5 12:26:30 CET 2007

> >
> > I'm afraid we don't support FreeBSD versions that old.  FreeBSD 6,
> > maybe 5 too, should work fine.
> >

Shane, BTW, even though we can't support "too old" systems (it's just
> a problem of manpower), I'm sure you can create your own header to
> define all the int_fast_* variants.  You probably can just C&P GlibC's
> or Linux's ones.
> Guillaume

Thanks, both of you! That is a huge help to me. I'm currently talking to my
host about upgrading BSD (I have successfully compiled on a 5.4 test server)
but I would like to look into trying to create my own header. I've grabbed
the glibc sourcecode...would you have any idea what files would have the
definitions, or how I could grep for it? I do some programming for fun but
I'm mostly just dangerous, especially on unix...so please excuse my
ignorance. Is there a file called jfdctfst.h somewhere?


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