[Ffmpeg-devel] PAFF, revisited

Mate SOOS msoos
Mon Feb 5 16:48:49 CET 2007

Guillaume Poirier a ?crit :
> Hi,
> Mate SOOS wrote:
>> Hi!
>> This is my first posting here. I am writing because I, and some others
>> too, need the PAFF inside the H.264 - the reason is simple: we would
>> like to watch TV. I don't think that waiting util the codec is threaded
>> is important, since IPTV does not need a good CPU to decode  - if PAFF
>> is not used on the stream, my CPU usage is like 30% and I use an ancient
>> Centrino 1.4Ghz (back then, people were not even dreaming of dual-core).
>> I am in France, using France Telecom's Livebox, but, this is not
>> isolated. BBC HD is broadcast with PAFF. German companies 
>> (http://lists.mplayerhq.hu/pipermail/ffmpeg-user/2006-September/004081.html)
>> seem to be using it too. So, please, if it is not a huge effort, try to
>> develop it into the codec. I actually had a look at the code, but it's
>> just too complex, no luck :(. Maybe somebody could give me a lead on it?
>> It's kind of a shame that I can't watch my TV :(
> If you die for this, and since no one who can do the job is willing to
> do it, just place a big bounty on it.
> Maybe it will motivate someone to do it.
> Guillaume
Yeah, I had a feeling this will be the answer. :( I know that FreeBox, 
also operating in France did the same for MBAFF, and it was 
integrated... well, I think I don't have the same kind of money as a 
company with a few million subscribers, so, I will have a deeper look at 
the code :O

Thx again,


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