[Ffmpeg-devel] ac3 encoder volume

Justin Ruggles justinruggles
Thu Feb 8 18:29:52 CET 2007

Benjamin Larsson wrote:
> Justin Ruggles skrev:
>>I know this is a recurring subject, but I want to bring it up because
>>I'm getting strange results.  Sometime last year I had a patch applied
>>which fixed the low volume ac3 encoding.  Well, it seems to have been
>>changed again since then, and now I'm getting results which are too loud
>>when played back with a52dec.
>>Can anyone else confirm that when they do an encode/decode cycle the
>>playback volume is twice the original level?
> I think someone submitted a patch that extended the range your patch 
> increased even more.

I found the original thread.  Somehow I don't think that change is
correct.  I'll take a closer look when I finish a patch to merge the
native ac3 decoder, which will be done today if I'm lucky...the next
couple days if I'm not.


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