[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Partial port of ffmpeg to MS Visual C - and a note on the inttypes.h issue

Siarhei Siamashka siarhei.siamashka
Thu Feb 8 20:30:33 CET 2007

On Thursday 08 February 2007 11:58, Baptiste Coudurier wrote:

> > "3 These types are optional. However, if an implementation provides
> > integer types with widths of 8, 16, 32, or 64 bits, no padding bits, and
> > (for the signed types) that have a two?s complement representation, it
> > shall define the corresponding typedef names."
> Does that would mean we are using an optional feature ? If that is the
> case IMHO we should reintroduce emulate inttypes.

The quoted part above reads as "if an implementation provides ... it *shall*
define"  to me.

So for example if by any chance you don't have int8_t defined, that would 
mean that the platform does not support 8-bit integer type at all and no other
method will help you to solve this problem. It sounds quite reasonable.

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