[Ffmpeg-devel] Degraded G.726 quality with pops and clicks

Michel Bardiaux mbardiaux
Mon Feb 12 10:26:57 CET 2007

Brain Lai wrote:
> Dear all:
> When streaming G.726 24/32Kbps with VLC, I found the quality is degraded 
> and
> unacceptable compared to AWave studio(play the saved audio bitstream).
> For G.726 24Kbps, the sound is filled wih pops and clicks.
> For G.726 32Kbps, a young man sounds like an old one.
> The audio is encoded by ITU reference implementation.
> It has no problem if the audio is decoded by ITU reference implementation
> and played by AWave studio/Adobe Audition.
> I know VLC decodes media with FFMpeg library, so I ask here for help. Does
> it result from ffmpeg's G.726 decoder(G.711 is no problem)? What's the
> difference of G.726 decoding process between ffmpeg and the ITU reference
> implementation?
> Regards
> Brain Lai

Which version of ffmpeg is being used?

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