[Ffmpeg-devel] Usage of RcOverride

Martin marthi
Mon Feb 12 13:26:24 CET 2007


can the struct RcOverride be used to change the rate control for a
number of frames? If this is the case, how is it used?
In order to lower the quality of the first 5 frames I tried:

RcOverride * my_rc_override = new RcOverride;
my_rc_override.start_frame = 1;
my_rc_override.end_frame = 5;
my_rc_override.qscale = 0;
my_rc_override.quality_factor = 10000;
ffavcc->rc_override = my_rc_override;

Unfortunately it had no effect. Do I need to set another flag or did I
misinterpret the use of RcOverride completely?

Thanks for helping!


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