[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Print KB for 1024 bytes

Michel Bardiaux mbardiaux
Thu Feb 15 14:48:15 CET 2007

Panagiotis Issaris wrote:
> Hi,
> M?ns Rullg?rd schreef:
>> They ARE both right.  That is the historical use of kilo when talking
>> about bytes and bitstreams.  When specifying the size of RAM chips,
>> kilo of course means 1024.  It's all in the context.

Come on, its like the y2k bug, there never was any, it was always clear 
from the context what year was meant :-)

> I do not think that the meaning of units should be context dependent.
> Especially not when the context is so closely related.

>> I agree, and I will personally revert any commits introducing this madness into
>> ffmpeg.
> IMHO the "madness" lies with those who thought 1024 was "close enough"
> to 1000 to
> reuse the 'k' prefix for it.
> And for the end-user, the "madness" lies in the fact that he sees "kB"
> but can't be sure if it means 1000 or 1024, because he doesn't know the
> context in which to use either. A bit as with harddrive sizes.

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