[Ffmpeg-devel] swscaler equivalent to img_convert

GizmoSDK gizmo_video
Sun Feb 18 21:45:02 CET 2007

>> I think it would be good to have a compatible img_convert implemented
>> with swscaler when the --enable-swscaler is used. I think there are a
>> coule of important issues to be solved.
>> 1. img_convert should have a equiv implementation with sws_scale so
>> you can build compatible builds with or without --enable-swscaler
> you can use swscale even if its disabled, it will use img_convert then
> see ffmpeg.c

yes, but the result will be different as alphas are set to 0xff

>> 2. The alpha values of sws_ routines should be set to 0xff when
>> creating alpha values out of non alpha source pixel formats as this
>> describes the opacity in most cases.
> send patch and benchmark and we can disscuss it, i wont agree to this
> without knowing what effect it has on speed


patch is attached. It has the same timing cycles as the previous code  
but the alpha set to 0xff instead

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