****SPAM(5.0)**** Re: [Ffmpeg-devel] swscaler equivalent to img_convert

GizmoSDK gizmo_video
Sun Feb 18 23:39:21 CET 2007

18 feb 2007 kl. 23.22 skrev Michael Niedermayer:

> this changes just one single converter which makes the output  
> inconsistant
> theres non mmx code, there are rgb->rgb converters, ...

I know but I just wanted to show you that there were a simple fix to  
this problem for the MMX stuff. My point is really that there is a  
difference in alpha output that depends on if you have --enable- 
swscaler or not in the img/sws routines. I would like to start with a  
discussion if it should be 0 or 0xff when converting from a non alpha  
format. Backwards compatibility is also an issue for me as the  
original img_convert produces 0xff and the new swscaler produces 0.

Then if we can solve this, I am sure there are plenty better  
programmers than me to help me with this fix to make it complete.

/Anders Mod?n

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