[Ffmpeg-devel] ffmpeg for xscale

Enas Ashraf Ahmed Ibrahim inas
Tue Feb 20 09:42:43 CET 2007


I'd like to ask about ffmpeg for xscale.


I have a board called X-Hyper270-TKU based on Intel PXA270 XScale


This is an ARMv5TE, so is there any special configurations needed to
make ffmpeg make use  of the enhanced dsp instructions, given that in
the configuration file both ARMv4 and ARMv5 are treated equally.

case "$cpu" in


  # armv4l is a subset of armv5tel




Also, the board has Intel Wireless MMX technology for high performance
multimedia, I also need to know what configurations are needed to use
mmx given that in the configuration file mmx is only enabled in the case
of x86 processors only.

# compute mmx state

if test $mmx = "default"; then

    if test $cpu = "x86"; then







In short, I want to know if there is an ffmpeg version ported specially
for XScale processors. If not, what should I do to make full use of  my


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