[Ffmpeg-devel] HTTP probing issue... [PATCH]

Ryan Martell rdm4
Wed Feb 21 00:53:58 CET 2007

On Feb 20, 2007, at 4:32 PM, Ryan Martell wrote:

> On Feb 20, 2007, at 3:52 PM, Klaas-Pieter Vlieg wrote:
>>> From: Ryan Martell [mailto:rdm4 at martellventures.com]
>>> Sent: 20 February 2007 22:27
>>>> Try this: add a sleep(1); at line 99 in http.c Works for me.
>>> Not sure if I'm following it.  It does the open fine (which
>>> is where line 99 is in http.c).  My problem is that when it's
>>> trying to read
>>> the probe size in libavformat/utils.c, it's not hitting EOF.
>>> Instead, it's just waiting for more data (after it's read
>>> everything....)
>> Yes, I had exactly the same problem.
>> And sorry, the sleep(1) is at line 100, right after http_connect()
> Hmm...
> Well, I'll try that too.  But this definitely fixes the problem,  
> and in a good way (I think).
> Patch will cause http_read to respect the file size if it came down  
> in the header, and only read up to that number of bytes.  If the  
> Content-Length or Content-Range was not set, this does nothing.
> Thanks!
> -Ryan

I also suspect that this probe problem broke the rtsp_redirector code  
in rtsp.c.  Can anyone test that?  (The problem is that all the data  
has been read before it gets to the rtsp code, and the rtsp code  
can't url_seek, because it's streamed data).


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