[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Remove INT64_C from "common.h"

angustia at arrozcru.no-ip.org angustia
Sat Feb 24 19:30:30 CET 2007

Quoting Alexander Chemeris <ipse.ffmpeg at gmail.com>:

> Hello,
> INT64_C macro is defined in <stdint.h>, according to paragraph
> of C99 standard. I belive it should be removed from "common.h" include,
> because it is system dependent. E.g. under MS Visual Studio it should
> be defined as
> #define INT64_C(val) val##i64

Simply ignored? I thought you people wanted the "ffmpeg only builds  
with gcc" statement to be false...

Leaving that there might "just happen to work" on systems that don't  
define INT64_C.

This issue came from MSVC++ 6.0 users. It's true that ffmpeg shouldn't  
build with MSVS anyways, but this define gives errors when using the  
libraries with MSVC++ 6.0. Now you might ask "why should we care about  
an old non-C99-compliant compiler"? We shouldn't. If this was  
compliant to C99, I'd just accept it and provide a workaround in the  
wiki (as already happens for some other issues using MSVS).

Anyone that follows this list may notice that you *do* take standard  
compliance very seriously. Luckily enough, for you, this problem  
spotted a standard compliance irregularity.


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