[Ffmpeg-devel] spatial scalability in ffmpeg

Luxman Suthanthirarajah luxman.03
Tue Feb 27 00:20:17 CET 2007


I am new to the mailing list and ffmpeg. As a final year project at Carleton
University I have undertaken the task of coding in the ffmpeg application on
Linux OS.

I wish to implement an algorithm of spatial scalability in ffmpeg and test
its effectiveness when using Wavelet transform. However, I have found that
ffmpeg has a "spatial scalability" variable in structure snowContext and
many compose/decompose functions in the snow.c file. I am unsure how the
variable is used to produce a scalable bitstream. I put some "av_log"
statements in the bitstream.c file but they are not printing. Also, I am
unaware if there are any configuration setting that need to be selected to
turn the existing scalability functionality on. I would appreciate any
direction on this subject. Thank you.

Luxman S.

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