[Ffmpeg-devel] ffserver crashes

Piero Bugoni crboca32
Wed Feb 28 05:16:42 CET 2007

--- Alex Beregszaszi <alex at rtfs.hu> wrote:

> Hi,
> > Here is what I do:
> > 1) start ffserver, using a ffserver.conf file that
> I
> > finally got to work.
> > 2) start ffmpeg (on the same box) and connect to
> the
> > ffserver process, with a command like:
> > ./ffmpeg <various options>
> > http://localhost:8090/feed1.ffm
> You may list your options here, thus I maybe spot
> some of them which can
> cause your crash.

Here are typical command lines:

./ffmpeg -r 29.97 -s 320x256 -vd /dev/video0 -vhook
'vhook/imlib2.so -x 0 -y 0 -i ../etc/black.png' 
-vhook  'vhook/imlib2.so -c white -F
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF/VeraBd.ttf/12 -x 0 -y 0
-t  %A-%D-%T'

As I experiment, I might change the frame rate, like
to 30, or the size, like to 320x240. 

in the past I used:

./ffmpeg -vd /dev/video1 -vhook 'vhook/drawtext.so -f
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF/Vera.ttf -t %A-
%D-%T' http://localhost:8090/feed1.ffm

If I change any command line options, typically,
ffserver segfaults, or at least more often than if I
do not change options, and just stop and restart

I am using ffmpeg-7481. After that, the change to
http.c causes ffmpeg to fail with a "Could not get
stream paramters" error.

> Zahony is very strange or the whole story?:)
That part of the story at least.

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