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Robert Swain robert.swain
Wed Feb 28 16:02:17 CET 2007

herve.flores wrote:
> Le 28 f?vr. 07 ? 04:57, Luca Barbato a ?crit :
>> Michael Niedermayer wrote:
>>> well it depends on all the other ffmpeg devels too, its everyones
>>> decission what logo we want
>>> i like some mokey mascot logo thing, i also like the zigzag-FFmpeg
>>> and other logos, so sumary: i dont know what i want :)
>> mascot + logo.
>> (one is better on presentations, the other is nicer as icon see freebsd
>> devil vs round logo)
> for a double use (one as simple logo, other as mascot)
> it coulld be something like this for the part "mascott"
> PS: I like the RVB zigzag, it's more "understandable" for an end user 
> like me than the green zigzag (I don't think about video when seeing the 
> other)

I'm not sure about the logo, I think that the zigzag has a better technical 
impact from our perspective but the fast forward logo will be much more widely 
recognised. However, FFmpeg is a technical project as opposed to a necessarily 
user-friendly film playback project. I think the zigzag is the more appropriate 
choice for us.

Anyway, I also didn't like the feet of Herve's monkey so I altered them a bit. 
I'm sure Herve couuld do a much better job and this has just been quickly done 
in a Gimp clone and is intended as a conceptual suggestion.

See attached. :)

Have fun and thanks for the monkey drawing Herve,
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