[Ffmpeg-devel] [RFC/Patch] native mms code...

Ryan Martell rdm4
Tue Jan 2 23:51:07 CET 2007


Attached is a native mms implementation.  I did this from the ground  
up working off the specification, with the exception of borrowing the  
packet output debug routine from libmms, which I will probably remove  
before final submission.  (I was using the libmms debug output stuff  
against my stuff to find my bugs)

This is a rough draft only; I'm sort of interested in what people  
think about this method of implementation.

Things I know about:
1) fprintfs must go
2) there may be trailing whitespace, etc.

Key questions:
1) is the interface to asf.[ch] satisfactory?
2) Using a URLProtocol instead was an option, but it doesn't support  
streaming by timestamp.  So instead I mirrored rtp stuff.
3) How can I get the local ip and port from a url_XXX tcp  
connection?  It doesn't seem currently available in.  Is this correct?
4) MMS has parameters for the tcp connection bitrate; and if there  
are multiple encodings in the file, it will choose the best ones.  I  
am currently only streaming the first audio and first video stream.   
How would i get the bandwidth input from the user?  I know we don't  
want to add new AVOptions that aren't globally useful.  Also, I could  
ask for audio only in this manor.


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