[Ffmpeg-devel] PTS values

Anders Moden ffmpeg
Wed Jan 3 00:25:59 CET 2007

19 dec 2006 kl. 23.06 skrev Paul Curtis:

> Anders Moden wrote:
>> Is there any docs that explains the various pts values found in  
>> the stream, the image and the codec. i can find at least 4 pts  
>> struct members with various values when decoding?
> That was my problem, also. The discussion concerned which values  
> were valid after a call to audio_decode or video_decode with  
> "finished" == true. After much experimentation, I found the cur_dts  
> to have a valid, monotonically increasing value that was usable for  
> the encoder.
> I never did find any docs that explained when each of the pts/dts  
> values were valid ... so I built a small program that did nothing  
> but print the values out. I never got a firm answer on which ones I  
> should use ....

Too bad. Havn't found the right discussion yet and I haven't tested  
the cur_dts yet. However I think it is really bad this information  
shall be so difficult to find.

I think the ffmpeg project needs some proper system description !

My original question was why I got unordered pts values using  
avcodec_decode_video(m_pVideoCodecCtx, m_pFrame, &frameFinished,  
packet.data, packet.size) in the m_pFrame struct ? Please can someone  
answer this if the images I get are unsorted then ?

/Anders Mod?n
Saab Training Systems AB

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