[Ffmpeg-devel] Shared libraries on AMD64

Josh Mahonin jmahonin
Thu Jan 4 22:05:23 CET 2007


I'm curious if anyone has dynamic loading of shared libraries for ffmpeg
working in a Linux/AMD64 environment.  The app seems to load the
libavcodec.so fine and finds all the functions, but on the
avcodec_encode_video() call the thread locks up.  This is using the
mpeg4_encoder.  I have a suspicion this is due to PIC, as I had a
similar problem with the OpenH323/Opal implementation of ffmpeg and H.263.

I saw the thread on building dynamic libraries on Darwin and it had some
good pointers, but I didn't manage to have any success.  I've tried
configuring with pretty much every subset of the following:

{--enable-shared, --disable-mmx, --enable-gpl, --disable-strip,
--disable-ffplay, --disable-ffserver, --extra-cflags="-fno-common",

If anyone has any pointers on what I'm doing wrong I'd love to hear it,


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