[Ffmpeg-devel] frame extraction

Ignazio Castrogiovanni akton29
Fri Jan 5 18:47:45 CET 2007


>* Is it possible to extract frame uncontinuos ( one each ten for example )
*>* from an avi and save it in jpg?
*>* At the moment I'm only able to extract all the frame from a time to
*>* another.
> Yes, if you input AVI is 25fps and you want one of each ten frames
> then use as output rate 25/10

> $ ffmpeg -i small.avi -r 25/10 -f image2 out%03d.jpg

> The result is not exact, there will be maybe a few frames more.

> Regards,
> V?ctor

I've tried
ffmpeg -i small.avi -r 25/10 -f image2 out%03d.jpg
now I get picture size invalid (0x0)
Segmentation fault

The extraction I talked about (all the frame) was done in this way:
ffmpeg -i small.avi out%03d.jpg

without -f image2, but in this it seems to ignore if I add the tag -r 25/10

with -f image2 if I add the tag -r 25/10 ffmpeg says me 2.5 fps so it
seems to work
but then I get the error picture size invalid

Thanks a lot for the previous answer

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