[Ffmpeg-devel] H.264 decoding bug

Nicholas Schell nschell
Sat Jan 6 02:27:56 CET 2007

I previously responded to ffmpeg-user with the above linked report,
but did not know much about the problem at the time.

However now I have much more information which may be of help in
solving the bug. Thanks to nk215 asking about my thread on the mplayer
IRC channel, I know at least that other individuals on linux can
confirm the blocking in the samples with current ffmpeg builds. Just
as well he also found exactly which ffmpeg revision seems to cause the
problem, r6578.

I compiled ffplay myself with mingw to confirm his results. Revision
6577 shows none of the blocking, but 6578 does. It appears exactly the
same as the blocking in current in builds. Also if there were some
qualms about whether the files could in fact be the problem because of
an error on part of the H.264 encoder used, I tested each file with
the JVT reference H.264 decoder. All three files were decoded
flawlessly with no blocking at all. Not that it would matter but
CoreAVC also has no issues with these files.

The sample files are now located here

Link to the commit message r6578:

I hope with this you will be able to reproduce and solve the problem.
Thanks for such a great free H.264 decoder nonetheless!

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