[Ffmpeg-devel] [bug] crash in skip_check

Tom Harper d.thomas.harper
Mon Jan 8 05:33:58 CET 2007


This is more FYI than bug report-

When invoking skip_check I get a consistent crash I cannot trace
further on this line in mpegvideo.c:
int v= s->dsp.frame_skip_cmp[1](s, p->data[plane] + 8*(x + y*str
ide)+off, ref->data[plane] + 8*(x + y*stride), stride, 8)

it is crashing on an instruction using an xmm1 register, for
what that is worth (i.e. not much).  Also this is on mingw.

Anyhow- I am not using frame_skip_threshold anymore
as it doesn't yield a result I can use but thought someone
might find this interesting/understand it well enough to
address it.


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