[Ffmpeg-devel] New/extended filter API discussion

Alexander Chemeris ipse.ffmpeg
Mon Jan 8 11:56:28 CET 2007


On 1/6/07, Mean <fixounet at free.fr> wrote:
> Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> > if your filter has 2 inputs and you receive a push from input #1 theres
> > nothing ill defined, you simply are then in a state of having one input frame
> > and waiting for the second push, when that comes in you can output your frame
> > as push to the next filter
> >
> One thing i don't get thought, is in the case mentionned above, how do
> you handle input1 bursting several frames while input2 is not ready ?
> These frames are buffered between input1 and current filter ?
> How do you setup the buffer size if any ?
> Dynamically ?
> Do you run each filter each time a frame is pushed to another filter ?
Oh, exactly the same about what I'm worrying. :)

Alexander Chemeris.

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