[Ffmpeg-devel] OpenGL-Streaming ?

Joerg Anders j.anders
Tue Jan 9 13:37:34 CET 2007

On Tue, 9 Jan 2007, Luca Barbato wrote:

> Looks like you hadn't read my comment in the mailing list and you reposted 
> again the same message today.

Excuse! I sended the mail before the mailing list "welcome" message.
So I wasn't aware of the fact the mail was already sent and answered.

> > I have already some success with the ffmpeg API. My problem is: I don't 
> > know
> > how to bring the Windows Media player to play a live stream without
> > sending a "Content-Length:" HTTP header. It seems the "asf" data haeder
> > must contain an appropriate "play endlessly" (or so) information.
> Deformation: why not using rtp?
Ok! I'll think about.
> > So I want to change the source. And I'd like to know your opinion.
> Don't do it

Thank you for warning me!

> All you need is to create a codec for your format or a capture if you 
> want to send pixel data

Yes, I want to send pixel data. The OpenGL scene is rendered at server

> and not vector data and then just configure 
> ffserver, this way should be clean and relatively as easy.

> I hope it helps

Yes and no! The OpenGL animation can supply frames in simple 24 bit RGB
format. I should write a codec which codes RGB to ...  what ? Or is
RGB already the destination format ?

Is there an URL: "my first codec"? From your mail I assume the central
thing is to write an "av_parser_parse" function. At


there is an example:

        len = av_parser_parse(myparser, AVCodecContext, &data, &size,
                                        in_data, in_len,
                                        pts, dts);
        in_data += len;
        in_len  -= len;

           decode_frame(data, size);

What does "decode_frame"? Write RGB pixel to "data" ?

J.Anders, GERMANY, TU Chemnitz, Fakultaet fuer Informatik

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