[Ffmpeg-devel] Bugs-Features

C.Ren Boca crboca32
Sun Jan 14 20:11:55 CET 2007

Been using ffmpeg for a while. Works pretty good. So far only having problems using it with  ffserver. 

Had a segfault with a revision downloaded on 01-07-06. gdb  told me it was here: 
  3237  #warning FIXME: find a better interface
  3238          if(!strncmp(video_device,"x11:",4)) {
  3239              video_grab_format="x11grab";
  3240          }

I just deleted these lines because I am not using X11 grab. Worked OK after that.

When ffserver is running, I can usually stop and restart the ffmpeg feed to it, but when I change the command line options, ffserver will usually segfault. 

I have checked out Revision 7486 on 01-13-07. I will pursue this further.
Kernel: 2.4.31
gcc: version 4.1.1
Stock Slackware 10.2 install
Vidcap Card: Cheapo ebay special. (Unknown / Generic.) The Notorious Pico2000.
CPU: 1100 Celeron.
512M Ram.

Will upgrade to 2.6 kernel. I do not believe it is kernel/bttv driver or hardware. Upgrading gcc seemed to help a little. ffmpeg complained about gcc not aligning stack variables with the version that came with Slack 10.2

Some annoyances:
1) The vhook documentation does not jive with with the svn download --  drawtext and watermark, not imlib2. If the documentation needs to be revised, I will help.
2) The ffserver documentation could be little more comprehensive. I will help if needed.
3) For whatever reason, I cannot get a background box around text in the video. Without this the text may blend with the image, and be unreadable. I have tried the -b option every way I can think that would make sense, but no luck. I simply want a black box with white text in it. I have tried using watermark with a clear gif that has a black band at the top, but that does not seem to give me what I need. 

I have gotten the ffserver/ffmpeg combo working with flash, and it works VERY WELL. I can stream from multiple cameras in real time and watch live video in Firefox at 29.97 F/s, in multiple windows.  Works  with flash player 7 in  Firefox  1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 on Linux, and schmindows. Not so for IE, as yet.


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