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C.Ren Boca crboca32
Mon Jan 15 02:32:51 CET 2007

> Had a segfault with a revision downloaded on 01-07-06. gdb  told me it was here: 
>  ffmpeg.c
>   3237  #warning FIXME: find a better interface
>   3238          if(!strncmp(video_device,"x11:",4)) {
>   3239              video_grab_format="x11grab";
>   3240          }

this has been fixed in svn a while ago ... i think ... at least i approved 
the fix

Yes, Revision 7486 seems not to do this. Thanks. And yes, I think I did see that fix in the thread somewhere.
> When ffserver is running, I can usually stop and restart the ffmpeg feed to it, but when I change the command line options, ffserver will usually segfault. 
gcc is a pile of shit, anyway ffserver too is fairly unstable, bugfixes
for it would be very welcome and no i dont think upgrading your kernel
will help at least not more then any other random change

I did try using gdb to find the problem, but not much beyond that. I will see what I can do. Is there another compiler to use besides gcc?

> Some annoyances:
> 1) The vhook documentation does not jive with with the svn download --  drawtext and watermark, not imlib2. If the documentation needs to be revised, I will help.
> 2) The ffserver documentation could be little more comprehensive. I will help if needed.

improvments to the docs are always welcome ...

Gladly. This is an easy one.

Any word on the problem with drawtext? (no black background).  One "workaround" is to call the vhook twice, first laying down some black characters, (possibly ascii box characters) then white on top. 


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