[Ffmpeg-devel] HTTP/1.1 Breaks ffserver/ffmpeg combo

C.Ren Boca crboca32
Mon Jan 15 07:17:29 CET 2007

Revision 7486 worked OK.

Checked out revision 7529 on 01-14-07, But ffmpeg complains that it cannot get stream parameters. The log from ffserver shows a HTTP/1.1 request being made. 

Rev. 7486 made a HTTP/1.0 request.

Likewise, Firefox makes a HTTP/1.1 request when trying to get http://ip-address:8090/feed1.ffm, and returns "Not Found"

wget makes a HTTP/1.0 request and is able to get the data.

When using ffmpeg from Rev. 7486, it can connect to ffserver from Rev. 7486, or 7529, However, ffmpeg from Rev. 7529 cannot get stream parameters from either of these ffservers.

I have updated the documentation for vhook, and am almost ready to submit a draft. I was testing various usage examples when I noticed this. The immediately obvious difference was from the ffserver log.

I'll have a look at the code, of course, but anyone know if this is just a simple edit to get ffserver to answer up on a HTTP/1.1 request?

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